Raye Jones Avery

Michael Cruse

Born and raised in Philadelphia Pa, Michael aka Cruse is an accomplished bassist with over four decades of experience. Cruse enjoys many genres of music but loves playing jazz. He began his bass studies at the Settlement School of Music and then crafted his skills by shedding and performing with musicians in the Philadelphia area. He has toured with Billy Paul, Norman Connors, Rachelle Farrell and many other recording artists. In 2001, he helped form the musical group Fortune Vinson Cruse. The group Fortune Vinson Cruse recorded five CDs and has performed at many concerts as opening acts, and headliners in the tri state area and New York.

In 2007, the Settlement Music School recognized Cruse as a distinguished alumnus and a member of the “Settlement 100”. Currently, Cruse is a member of the Jenkins Project, a group of talented musicians and vocalists that cover several genres. He continues to perform with Fortune Vinson Cruse